Landing page and CRM for Prime My Body affiliates.

Overview Video

Watch this video for all the details about MyPrimePage.

Multiple Landing Pages

Utilize multiple designs and styles to attract different demographics or to change up your presentation and increase your conversion rates! There are multiple landing pages to pick from and they are designed specifically for Prime My Body affiliates.

  • Modern designs with call to actions
  • Optimized to work on mobile devices
  • Personalized pages with your contact information
  • Multiple custom videos to pick from

CRM & Back Office Admin

Leads generated by your landing pages will populate into a cutting edge CRM database that will not only allow you to keep track of your prospects with reminders and follow up dates, but will even allow you to send videos through text messages! With our innovative back office admin you’ll be able to customize your prospect’s experience with media provided for your specific audience. Other features include:

  • Multiple Reporting tools
  • Online CRM & back office training
  • Send prospects directly to your sales page
  • Optimized for mobile devices

MyPrimePage Customized Videos

We have created exclusive media that only My Prime Page users have access to. Take advantage of video content made by PMB affiliates for PMB affiliates! You’ll be able to send these custom videos and images to potential customers, market them on social media sites, or send them in an email!

Exclusive Media

MyPrimePage users will have access to original video content designed to sell your product or become a PMB affiliate.

Optimized for Mobile

Whether prospects are viewing your landing page and videos on a desktop or mobile device, the content will be seamlessly converted to fit their device.

Excellent Video Quality

Videos are of professional level quality and contain specific call to actions to maximize interest and engagement .

Multiple Teaser Videos

Short “teaser” videos will be available to share and catch your prospects attention .

Fresh Content

New videos will be be continuously released to stay up to date and keep all of the information current .

Video Share

Share your videos through text messaging, email, and social media!

PMB Package

Look at all you receive for a minimal cost


$19.95 /month

  • Multiple Landing Pages
  • Multiple PMB Videos
  • CRM/Back Office Admin
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Video Texting
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